Ingatestone Allotment Association Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Ingatestone Allotment Association (IAA) and its membership accepts it has a duty of care for all allotment holders, members and its visitors.

It is committed to providing a healthy safe environment for its plot-holders to be able to access and work on individual areas within the confines of the allotment area known locally as Stock lane Allotments.                                          

The named area should be free from hazards and offer safe working areas and means of access for all. This shall include its boundaries and borders with its neighbouring parties and the general public.

The IAA and its membership shall be mindful of the environment around us, and the Association shall protect the health of humans, creatures & plants by ensuring we do not pollute any natural water, damage the land or destroy any wildlife habitat.

The IAA will undertake a full risk assessment (bi-annually) of the areas and boundaries and compile a list of any hazards and the correct action required.

The IAA must be responsible for providing a plan of eliminating these hazards within a set time frame, and ensuring that the plan is implemented. The IAA shall determine what action is required and whose responsibility it is for eliminating the hazard.

Allotment holders duty of care

It is a legal requirement that the Association and its members/plot-holders have a duty of care to the public and the environment around them.

That means they will be required to provide and maintain individual plots in accordance with the H&S Act and the IAA rules set out below for the allotment area.  These must be adhered to at all times.

Rules for the promotion of the Environmental Health & Safety Policy

    No asbestos is allowed on the site any found must be disposed of in the correct manner and documentation will be required as proof.
    All fencing and internal plot boundaries must be maintained in safe order; no barbed or razor wire will be allowed
    All rubbish and debris must be disposed of in the correct manner
    These will be allowed but within the confines of the restrictions within the Allotment agreement
    No harmful chemicals shall be brought to the site; all pesticides and chemicals shall be kept in good condition with full details on its packaging to state its usage & age.
    Fuel & oil brought onto the site and stored must be kept separately in such a manner that it cannot leak into the Environment. Any such leaks must be cleaned up immediately. Leaks should not be hosed down or poured into water courses or drains. Any spillage should then be reported to the IAA committee.
    These materials must be kept away from Public access and stored carefully and used responsibly; broken glass & scrap metal must be removed from the site and disposed of in the correct manner.
    All structures on an individual’s plot shall be of sound structure and well maintained
    Where water is provided it shall be used in a responsible manner consistent with the Environmental policy and should not be in any way contaminated deliberately. Any stagnant water found should not be used but disposed of in such a manner as not to cause harm to the environment
    Consideration should be given at all times to these groups and no actions should be undertaken that will be a detriment to their health & welfare. Children should be supervised at all times whilst on the Allotment site.
    Consideration should be given to all wildlife, care should be taken that no action will cause a risk to wildlife on an individual’s plot
    This is a serious threat to public health and therefore all practices that encourage infestation by vermin should be avoided. All plot-holders should be vigilant in this matter and report any signs or instances to a member of the IAA committee.

Best practice

    All humans are at risk of infection from handling animal manure or from the effects of vermin infestation. Plot-holders are advised to wear correct gloves and clothing protection as is required and should be mindful of their own personal hygiene ensuring that hands or any item coming into contact are cleaned thoroughly after handling any of these substances or pesticides used.
    All plot-holders should be mindful of their own personal safety whilst undertaking their activities. All tooling and equipment brought to site for use on their own plots should be deemed fit for purpose and well maintained. All plot-holders should be careful to use all tools and appliances in such a way as not to cause harm to themselves or others. The IAA advises that all appropriate personal protective equipment suitable for each task being undertaken should be used when needed.
    In the event that land within the areas stated becomes contaminated these should be reported to the IAA committee immediately

9 January 2016-REV: B